Title: Say It Again, Author: Swade Richards
Title: Trills Landing: Peaks of Love, Author: Nina Moon
Title: My Only Love, Author: Dabria C.
Title: The Enchantment Of Velouria, Author: Remy Blue
Title: Damaged Waters: The Dark Mark, Author: Remy Blue
Title: Pretty Prey: Embarking The Terminal, Author: Holly Hayden
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The Next Chapter: Prepare Your Shelf
Title: Rius' Embrace, Author: R.B. Nu
Title: Rules Of 2, Author: Dabria C.
Title: Tangled Up With Lana, Author: Remy Blue
Title: The Scarlett Lolita: Tales Of Cry, Author: L.D. Cole
Title: Lady Ina, Author: Saya Nao
Title: Arachne's Gift, Author: Remy Blue
Title: The Heart of the Spirit Bear, Author: Remy Blue
Title: The Queen's Intent: Blood Unforgiven, Author: Remy Blue
Title: Planet Omouru, Author: Holly Hayden
Title: My Rockstar Baby, Author: Dabria C
Title: The Gentlemen Call On Lady Catrina: Darling, Author: Ella Torrent
Title: Losing, Author: Swade Richards
Title: Keep The Hope, Author: Dabria C.
Title: The Taste For Midnight Blood, Author: Remy Blue

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