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Title: Memory Walker, Author: Carly Marino
Title: Bacon Pie, Author: Candace Robinson
Title: Traitors' Gate, Author: Nicky Peacock
Title: The Elimination, Author: Stormy Corrin Russell
Title: The Liberation, Author: Stormy Corrin Russell
Title: Burning Britely, Author: Deidre Huesmann
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Title: The Dating Tutor, Author: Melissa Frost
Title: Yearning Young, Author: Deidre Huesmann
Title: Dagger, Author: Steven dos Santos
Title: Perdition, Author: Lindsey Ouimet
Title: (Not Quite) The Same Old Song, Author: Lindsey Ouimet
Title: Eleven Dancing Sisters, Author: Melody Wiklund
Title: Time Runs Away With Her, Author: Christine Potter
Title: In Her Own Time, Author: Christine Potter
Title: What Time Is It There?, Author: Christine Potter
Title: Always Kiss Me Goodnight, Author: Megan Gaudino
Title: An Unstill Life, Author: Kate Larkindale
Title: A Colorless Blue, Author: M.W. Muse
Title: My Summer Roommate, Author: Bridie Hall
Title: The Dating Tutor: Alec's Story, Author: Melissa Frost

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