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Title: The Hidden Legacy, Author: Christine Rees
Title: Traitors' Gate, Author: Nicky Peacock
Title: The Broken Rivalry, Author: Christine Rees
Title: Letting Go, Author: Bridie Hall
Title: Keep What Remains, Author: Carrie Beamer
Title: The Dating Tutor, Author: Melissa Frost
Title: Blistered, Author: Deidre Huesmann
Title: Anastasia, Author: Melissa Frost
Title: Dagger, Author: Steven dos Santos
Title: See, Author: Lee Ann Ward
Title: The Watched Girl, Author: Rachel Rust
Title: Or the Girl Dies, Author: Rachel Rust
Title: A Girl Scorned, Author: Rachel Rust
Title: The Fatal Rose, Author: Sarah Bryant
Title: Dance of the Pink Mist, Author: K.D. Van Brunt
Title: Win the Rings, Author: K.D. Van Brunt
#1 in Series
Title: A Freedom to Fight For, Author: K.D. Van Brunt
Title: What's a Soulmate?, Author: Lindsey Ouimet
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Title: Punishment Summer, Author: Peggy Rothschild
Title: Warrior, Author: Deidre Huesmann

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