Title: An American Family, Author: Jackson Baer
1 in Series
Title: Life after Death (An American Family, #2), Author: Jackson Baer
Title: The Temptation of Destiny (Call of Destiny, #1), Author: D.M. Earley
Title: Red on the Run (The Syndicate-Born Trilogy, #1), Author: K.M. Hodge
1 in Series
Title: Confessions of Eden (Michelle Reagan, #1), Author: Scott Shinberg
Title: The Clovis Dig, Author: Teri Fink
Title: Flirtation on the Hudson (Journey of Cornelia Rose, #1), Author: J.F. Collen
Title: A Debt of War, Author: Michael Ringering
Title: Whispers of the Serpent (Zoë Delante Thrillers, #2), Author: C.L. Roberts-Huth
Title: Banana Republic, Author: Glenn A. Bruce
Title: A Chink in the Armor: A Short Story of Job, Author: D. Robert Pease
Title: Forgive Me, Alex (Tony Hooper, #1), Author: Lane Diamond
Title: Walk Away West (Journey of Cornelia Rose, #2), Author: J.F. Collen
Title: The Holocaust Engine, Author: David Rike
Title: Living by Ear, Author: Mary Rowen
Title: They Tell Me You Are Wicked (Duncan Cochrane, #1), Author: David Hagerty
Title: Memoirs of a Transferable Soul, Author: W. Town Andrews
Title: Heir of Thunder (Stormbourne Chronicles, #1), Author: Karissa Laurel
Title: The Possession (Writer's Block, #1), Author: A.K. Kuykendall
Title: In the Company of the Dead (The Sundered Oath, #1), Author: Ciara Ballintyne

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