Title: My Journey from Saigon to Ottawa: A Vietnamese Girl's Story, Author: Alice Swann
Title: The Christmas Clock, Author: Amy Joyce
Title: Courage and Devotion: A History of Bankhead's/Scott's Tennessee Battery in the American Civil War, Author: Bruce R. Kindig
Title: Love's Testimony, Author: Jaired Blaine
Title: Plant Lore of an Alaskan Island: foraging in the Kodiak Archipelago, Author: Fran Kelso
Title: Aren & Élise, Author: Ettenig Sayam
Title: Autumn Drawings, Author: Kelli Huffman
Title: The Climate Change Hoax Argument: The History and Science That Expose a Major International Deception, Author: C. Paul Smith
Title: A River: The Thread That Binds, Author: Bud Beamer
Title: Short Stories of the Old West, Author: Walter Abbott
Title: Trapped, Author: Ted Bagley
Title: The Kingdom of Heart: A Pet Loss Journal, Author: Patty Luckenbach
Title: The People's President: In the Nation's Service, Author: John C. Bednar
Title: New Groove Fusion: Cross Cultural Fusion Cooking That's Off The Hook, Author: Ricky Gant
Title: The Vanguard Chronicles, Author: Lawrence Menard
Title: Dreams of the Heart, Author: David Crain
Title: Saratoga Turning Point: The Shot That Gave Birth to a Nation!, Author: Andrew F. Nazzaro
Title: O' Darkness, Darkness!: My Son Shall Pass, Author: Carlton Jordan
Title: What It Takes to Find Your True Love, Author: Bonnie
Title: The Second coming of Lilith: Book 2 The Chronicles of Lilith, Author: S.C. Helton

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