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Title: Living with Mysterious Epilepsy: My 48-Year Victory over Fear, Author: Ruth C. Adam
Title: From Darkness into Light; Women's Emancipation in Iran, Author: Badr al-Mulåuk Båamdåad
Title: A Breast for Life, Author: Betty Isaac
Title: Fantasy in Verse, Author: Grace Emmert Emmert Northrop
Title: The Laws of Right Relationship: With Self, Man, and God, Author: Gene H. Lawrence
Title: A Dual Ether Universe; Introducing a New Unified Field Theory, Author: Leonid Sokolow
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Title: Castle on the Prairie, Author: Lois S. Harman
Title: One Great Fellowship Travels of a Global Minister, Author: Allan W. Lee
Title: New Economy: An Argument for Economic Reform, Author: Frederick K. Richter
Title: Poor People's Lawyers, Author: Marjorie Girth
Title: How to Grow Today's Children: A Guide for Modern Parents, Author: James R. Jacobson
Title: Manhattan Transients; A Critical Essay, Author: Sharon Fusselman Mizener
Title: Do You Want Me to Do All That and Plow Too?, Author: Dan P. Logan,Sr.
Title: Bedtime Story, Author: Les Marcs
Title: Future Position of the English-Speaking Peoples in World Prophecy and Events, Author: Julian B. Shealy
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Title: Grief Work, Author: Juanita Ponce-Montoya
Title: Drive across Africa, Author: Ferenc J. Bodo
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Title: Gleanings: Sister Bertrande Meyers, Daughter of Charity: An Anthology of Published Articles and Addresses, Author: Bertrande Meyers
Title: Thermography: A New Way to Profit from the Energy Crisis, Author: Richard H. Munis
Title: Hooked on Horses: Bits of This and That about People and Horses after 21 Years in the Racing Game, Author: Howard A. Jones
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