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Title: A People's History of Silicon Valley, Author: Keith A. Spencer
Title: Idiot Verse, Author: Keaton Henson
Title: Bad Seed, Author: Richard Lieberman
Title: Tucson Salvage: Tales and Recollections from La Frontera, Author: Brian Jabas Smith
Title: Glenn Gould's Chair, Author: Mandy Kahn
Title: Collected Lyrics - Pete Shelley, Author: Pete Shelley
Title: American Purgatory, Author: Rebecca Gayle Howell
Title: Theresa May, Author: Christopher Jackson
Title: The Displaced Children Of Displaced Children, Author: Faisal Mohyuddin
Title: Roger Federer: Portrait Of An Artist, Author: Christopher Jackson
Title: The Amoeba Game, Author: Tara Skurtu
Title: Tree Language, Author: Marion McCready
Title: Our Obsidian Tongues, Author: David Shook
Title: The Offhand Angel, Author: Jan Owen
Title: A Sleepless Man Sits Up in Bed, Author: Anthony Seidman
Title: Burning Box, Author: Jason Lee
Title: Thomas Hardy Listens To Louis Armstrong, Author: Andrew Shields
Title: Math, Heaven, Time, Author: Mandy Kahn
Title: Secular Games, Author: Alex Wylie
Title: The Evening Entertainment, Author: Matthew Paul

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