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Title: Always with You, Always with Me, Author: Kelly Rowland
Title: More Than Peach (Bellen Woodard Original Picture Book), Author: Bellen Woodard
Title: Dr. Fauci: A Little Golden Book Biography, Author: Suzanne Slade
Title: Call Me Penny Pickleberry: A Story to Help Kids Manage Worries, Author: Meghan Grana
Title: The Message in The Mirror, Author: Katrina Denise
Title: Good Night, Wiggly Toes, Author: Roda Ahmed
Title: Curlilocks and the Three Pink Pandas, Author: Yolanda King
Title: The Pigs Did It!, Author: Candy Grant
Title: Dexter the Underwear Pup, Author: Swathi Gandhavadi Griffin
Title: Ally The Accepting Alligator, Author: Fanny Liem
Title: Jog & Trog And the Princess Ball, Author: Jeffrey R Harkins
Title: The Monsters In My Closet, Author: Chris Mabrey
Title: Curlilocks and the Big Bad Hairbrush, Author: Yolanda King
Title: The World's Greatest Mousetrap, Author: B.C.R. Fegan
Title: The Story of Santa's Birds, Author: Kyle A Koning
Title: Bianca Finds Her Bounce, Author: Psy.D. Shreya Hessler
Title: When I Imagine, Author: Sophie Carmen