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Title: Behind Locked Doors, Author: Nicholas Kinsley
Title: Cold Days, Hot Nights: A Romantic Anthology for the Holidays, Author: Julian Keys
Title: Tumbled, Author: E.E. Grey
Title: Taking Flight - An Erotic Anthology with Wings, Author: D.M. Atkins
Title: Deep Focus, Author: M.L. Caufax
Title: The Artifact of Foex, Author: James L. Wolf
Title: Subjection, Author: Alicia Cameron
Title: Of Passion and Steam, Author: D.M. Atkins
Title: Vaulted, Author: E.E. Grey
Title: Inherent Cost, Author: Alicia Cameron
Title: Desk Job, Author: D.M. Atkins
Title: Leather Wishes - The Adventures of the Fancy Man, Author: Julian Keys
Title: Haven's Fall, Author: Elizabeth Schechter
Title: Timeless Lust, Author: D.M. Atkins
Title: The Brig, Author: Mason Powell
Title: Breaking and Entering, Author: P.L. Ripley
Title: Backdoor Politics, Author: C.L. Mustafic
Title: Spidermilk, Author: Konrad Hartmann
Title: Sedition, Author: Alicia Cameron
Title: Divine Desire - Erotic Stories of Sacred Sexuality, Author: Lon Sarver

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