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Title: Love is for the Living, Author: Nicholas Kinsley
Title: You Complicate Me, Author: Alicia Wag
Title: Andromache's Prize, Author: Annabeth Leong
Title: The Thief's Dungeon, Author: Madeleine Swann
Title: Down to the Bone, Author: Julian Keys
Title: Icarus Bleeds, Author: Annabeth Leong
Title: Covert Passion, Author: Ann Ruby
Title: Held in Dreams, Author: Ava Burquette
Title: Warmth, Author: Lucy Harker
Title: Vaulted, Author: E.E. Grey
Title: Blindsided, Author: Ann Ruby
Title: Secrets Between, Author: Stephanie Hoffman
Title: Edge of a Knife, Author: James L. Wolf
Title: The Camellia Missions, Author: Laylah Hunter
Title: Comforting Mrs. Madigan, Author: A.A. Garrison
Title: Bring the Love, Author: James L. Wolf
Title: Whisk Together, Author: James L. Wolf
Title: Clockwork Dolls, Author: R.W. Whitefield
Title: Stone Cold Heart, Author: Kailin Morgan
Title: Executive Benefits, Author: Thirteen

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