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Title: Divine Desire: Erotic Stories of Sacred Sexuality, Author: Lon Sarver
Title: Tumbled, Author: E. E. Grey
Title: The Charge of the Soul, Author: Peter Tupper
Title: Never Before Touched by Cupid, Author: Mina Kelly
Title: Chaining Flame, Author: James L. Wolf
Title: Inherent Cost, Author: Alicia Cameron
Title: In the Death of Winter, Author: Annabeth Leong
Title: All Consuming, Author: Konrad Hartmann
Title: Dual Affairs, Author: Lynn Kelling
Title: My Delicate Ariel, Author: Alithea Howes
Title: Held in Dreams, Author: Ava Burquette
Title: Deep Water Grave, Author: Claryssa Berg
Title: Driven, Author: Nicholas Kinsley
Title: Mariella, Author: R.W. Whitefield
Title: Raven and Crow, Author: Luna Lawrence
Title: Fighting Hard, Author: B.B. Anderson
Title: Bi Magic: Best Bisexual Fantasy Anthology, Author: D.M. Atkins
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Title: Judge Not, Author: Kailin Morgan
Title: Andromache's Prize, Author: Annabeth Leong
Title: Touched by Death - Erotic Horror Anthology, Author: D.M. Atkins

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