Title: All I Want for Christmas is You, Author: Lisa Mondello
Title: Marked by Fate: Origins, Author: Kristin D Van Risseghem
Title: Deva's Song: A Fate's Fools Prequel, Author: Ophelia Bell
Title: Tempting Fate - Fate with a Helping Hand (BOX SET 1-3), Author: Lisa Mondello
Title: Fate (Fate #1), Author: Elizabeth Reyes
Title: Tempting Fate 2 Boxed Set (The Complete Set), Author: Lisa Mondello
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Title: Garrick (Book 1), Author: Heather West
Title: Sugar (Fate Series #1), Author: Jenna Jameson
Title: Axe of Fate: Goldenfields, Author: Jeffrey Thompson
Title: Crimson Sun: Book 1 of The Eyes of Fate, Author: Colby Dunn
Title: Sands of Time: Extended Edition (Fate of the True Vampires, #1), Author: Christine Church
Title: Never Again, Author: RJ Heaton
Title: Betrayed, Author: Jeni Burns
Title: Whiskers of a Chance, Author: Tempeste O'Riley
Title: God Of Mischief, Author: J.C. Diem
Title: Fate of the Watchman, Author: Chad Pettit
Title: A Twist of Fate, Author: Misty Reigenborn
Title: CHANGED FATE - A Love Story Across Time, Author: Lance Stouffer
Title: Dodging Fate: A Charlie Kenny Redshirt Adventure, Author: Zen DiPietro
Title: The Highlander's Curse, Author: Katalyn Sage

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