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Title: The Blackfish Prophecy, Author: Rachel Clark
Title: The Price of Silence, Author: Rick Treon
Title: The House on Seventh Street, Author: Karen Vorbeck Williams
Title: A Pinch of Gluttony, Author: Greta Boris
Title: When Songbirds Returned to Paris, Author: E.M. Sloan
Title: The Solomon Stone, Author: Christine Sandgren
Title: Class III Threat, Author: Larry Enmon
Title: The Scent of Wrath, Author: Greta Boris
Title: Spoiler Alert: You're Gonna Die, Author: Korttany Finn
Title: Hamburgers and Homicide, Author: Moira Bates
Title: My Storied Year, Author: Katie Proctor
Title: Survival on Mystery Mesa, Author: George Goldthwaite
Title: Summer at Eagle Mountain: Eagle Mountain Adventures, Author: George Goldthwaite
Title: A Margin of Lust, Author: Greta Boris
Title: Vanished in Vista Point: a Forensics 411 mystery, Author: Whitney V Skeen
Title: A Word to My Younger Self, Author: Chris Self
Title: The Key of Greed, Author: Greta Boris
Title: Pretty: a memoir, Author: Karen Vorbeck Williams
Title: Let the Guilty Pay, Author: Rick Treon
Title: Jagged Edge of the Sky, Author: Paula Marie Coomer

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