Title: The Playing Card Killer, Author: Russell James
Title: Slash, Author: Hunter Shea
Title: In Darkness, Shadows Breathe, Author: Catherine Cavendish
Title: Will Haunt You, Author: Brian Kirk
Title: Dust Devils, Author: Jonathan Janz
Title: The Darkest Lullaby, Author: Jonathan Janz
Title: Screams from the Void, Author: Anne Tibbets
Title: One by One, Author: D.W. Gillespie
Title: The Portal, Author: Russell James
Title: The Gemini Experiment, Author: Brian Pinkerton
Title: Castle of Sorrows, Author: Jonathan Janz
Title: Those Who Came Before, Author: J.H. Moncrieff
Title: The Mouth of the Dark, Author: Tim Waggoner
Title: Wolf Land, Author: Jonathan Janz
Title: The Queen of the Cicadas, Author: V. Castro
Title: Hearthstone Cottage, Author: Frazer Lee
Title: American Dreams, Author: Kenneth Bromberg
Title: Human Resources, Author: Robin Triggs
Title: A Savage Generation, Author: David Tallerman
Title: Two Lives: Tales of Life, Love and Crime. Stories from China., Author: A Yi

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