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Title: Dead Petals - An Apocalypse, Author: Eric Ortlund
Title: Dog Days - Tales from an American Road Trip, Author: Andrew Thompson
Title: Iconix Process Roadmaps: Step-By-Step Guidance for Soa, Embedded, and Algorithm-Intensive Systems, Author: Doug Rosenberg
Title: Tulagi Hotel: A World War II Romance, Author: Heikki Hietala
Title: Colandra's Crusade - Angels and Demons Collide, Author: Susie Pilkington-Wood
Title: Embracing You, Embracing Me, Author: Michelle Bellon
Title: Francesca Pascal: A World War II Drama, Author: Fredrik Nath
Title: The Evil That Men Do - A World War II Adventure Novel, Author: Fredrik Nath
Title: Filtered Light - Assorted Tales, Author: Heikki Hietala
Title: Smallworld, Author: Dominic Green
Title: Wedlocked - A (Not-So) Humorous Guide for the Matrimonially Challenged Man, Author: Alexander G. Valley
Title: A Penny's Worth, Author: Nancy DeRosa
Title: Galdir - Oath-Breaker, Author: Fredrik Nath
Title: Galdir - Rebel of the North (Roman Fiction), Author: Fredrik Nath
Title: Galdir - Protector of Rome (Roman Fiction), Author: Fredrik Nath
Title: The Fat Chef, Author: Fredrik Nath
Title: Magic and Grace, Author: Chad Hautmann
Title: Farewell Bergerac, Author: Fredrik Nath
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Title: The Domino Man: A Military Conspiracy, Author: Stanley Salmons
Title: Galdir - A Slave's Tale (Roman Fiction), Author: Fredrik Nath

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