Title: End of Ever After, Author: E L Tenenbaum
Title: Light & Kingdom, Author: E. L. Tenenbaum
Title: The Marsh Keeper, Author: E L Werbitsky
Title: A Horse Named Viking, Author: Caroline Akervik
#1 in Series
Title: Heart of a Hunter, Author: E. L. Tenenbaum
#5 in Series
Title: Passing Notes, Author: D. G. Driver
Title: The Dark Evolution, Author: Dana Gricken
Title: Cry of the Sea, Author: D. G. Driver
#1 in Series
Title: Since We Were Friends, Author: Zøe Haslie
Title: Human Again, Author: E. L. Tenenbaum
#4 in Series
Title: Welcome to Sortilege Falls, Author: Libby Heily
#1 in Series
Title: Eve 2.0: The Ultimate Gaming Experience, Author: Winter Lawrence
Title: The Tangibles, Author: Natalie Blank
Title: The Dark Queen, Author: Dana Gricken
Title: Star Gods: A Young Adult Sci-Fi Novel, Author: JT Adeline
Title: Over the Fence, Author: Debbie Schrack
Title: Amidst the Chaos, Author: Alice J. Black
#2 in Series
Title: Sometimes A Monster, Author: Libby Heily
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Title: Alice of the Rocks, Author: E Graziani
Title: All Things in the Shadows II, Author: B. D. Messick

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