Title: Black Entry, Author: Regis P. Sheehan
Title: Access Behind the Veil: The Coming Glory, Author: Michael Petro
Title: Triumph of the Light, Author: Vidya Frazier
Title: My Boy, Will, Author: William J. Gibney
Title: Mary Fields aka Stagecoach Mary, Author: Erich Martin Hicks
Title: Sermons With Insight, Author: Roland Zimany
Title: Christopher's Story: An Indictment of the American Mental Health System, Author: John Rubisch
Title: Party Lines, Prayers, and Privies, Author: Judy Steffen Lambert
Title: The Lady in Black, Author: Frank J. Infusino Jr.
Title: Sideways 3 Chile, Author: Rex Pickett
Title: Life is Beautiful, Enjoy the Ride -- A Poet's Guide to Chronic Illness, Author: Mitch Koppel
Title: Time is Money, Author: Kerry W Given
Title: Too Scared To Tell, The Dark Side of Telling the Truth, Author: Elwood Corbin
Title: The Mabamba Return, A Historical Novel, Author: John B. Franz
Title: Murder at Fort Revere, Author: Frank J. Infusino
Title: Poster Child, The Kemba Smith Story, Author: Kemba Smith
Title: Rediscovering Philo of Alexandria: A First Century Torah Commentator Volume I: Genesis, Author: Michael Leo Samuel
Title: Awakening to the Fifth Dimension -- A Guide for Navigating the Global Shift, Author: Vidya Frazier
Title: The Ascension Lightworker Guide: A Handbook for Weary Souls, Author: Vidya Frazier
Title: The Millionaire Within, Author: Walter Wisniewski

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