Title: Dreaming with Mariposas, Author: Sonia Gutiérrez
Title: Luz at Midnight, Author: Marisol Cortez
Title: My Name is Romero, Author: David A Romero
Title: DEAD WOMAN'S CITY, Author: Esther M García
Title: Coatlicue Girl, Author: Gris Muñoz
Title: Codex of Love: Bendita ternura, Author: Liliana Valenzuela
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Title: Notes from the Last Age, Author: José Chapa Valle
Title: Dreaming: A Tribute To Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, Author: Odilia Galván Rodríguez
Title: Yellow Eye Tea, Author: Diana Elizondo
Title: When There Were No Borders, Author: Raúl Sánchez
Title: Good Cop/Bad Cop: an anthology, Author: EDWARD VIDAURRE
Title: Blooming Blood, Author: Zamna Urista Rojas
Title: She Lives in Music, Author: Andrea Vocab Sanderson
Title: Flirting With The Past, Author: REYES CÁRDENAS
Title: Lugar de aguas, Author: Rebecca Bowman
Title: ...and so, the Wind was Born, Author: Gina Duran
Title: ZAZ, Author: alurista
Title: Mining for Stardust, Author: Kai Coggin Pre-Order Now
Title: Boundless 2020: the official anthology of the Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Festival, Author: Daniel García Ordaz
Title: Hominis Aurora, Author: Benito Pastoriza Iyodo

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