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Title: Under Capitalism if Your Head Aches They Just Yank Off Your Head, Author: Ariel Francisco
Title: Our Bones Ache Together, Author: Kendra Nuttall
Title: My Name is Romero, Author: David A Romero
Title: Toxic Masculinity: The Misadventures of a Barrio Boy, Author: Fernando Albert Salinas
Title: Roots of Redemption: You have no Right to remain Silent, Author: Iris De Anda
Title: Edgecliff, Author: Angelina Sáenz
Title: speaking with grackles by soapberry trees, Author: César Leonardo de León
Title: Still I Rise: Rio Grande Valley Youth Anthology 2020: A McAllen Poet Laureate Anthology Volume II, Author: Rodney Gomez
Title: Asina is How We Talk: A collection of Tejano poetry written en la lengua de la gente, Author: Eddie Vega
Title: Dreaming with Mariposas, Author: Sonia Gutiérrez
Title: Charlie, Forever and Ever, Author: Natalie Sierra
Title: Living on Islands Not Found on Maps, Author: Luivette Resto
Title: ...and so, the Wind was Born, Author: Gina Duran
Title: Everything is Returned to the Soil/Todo vuelve a la tierra, Author: Briana Muñoz
Title: City on the Second Floor, Author: MATT SEDILLO
Title: La La Landia: A Journey Through my Frontera CD Shuffle, Author: Priscilla Celina Suárez
Title: She Lives in Music, Author: Andrea Vocab Sanderson
Title: Zone of Silence, Author: Dario Beniquez
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Title: Safe Arms, Author: Peter J. Harris
Title: Blooming Blood, Author: Zamna Urista Rojas

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