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Title: Latin America and Canada, Author: John Edwin Coffman
Title: Outdoor Photographer's Digest, Author: Erwin A. Bauer
Title: The Trees Around Us, Author: Peter N. Barber
Title: Edward Troy and the Witch Cat, Author: Sarah Sargent
Title: Caesar, Author: Michael Grant
Title: Why We Have Thanksgiving, Author: Margaret Hillert
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Title: Shuttle into Space: A Ride in America's Space Transportation System, Author: G. Harry Stine
Title: The Designers: Great Automobiles and the Men Who Made Them, Author: L. J. K. Setright
Title: A Troll, a Truck, and a Cookie, Author: Phylliss Adams
Title: Another World: A Science Fiction Anthology, Author: Gardner Dozois
Title: Who Goes to School?, Author: Margaret Hillert
Title: Making Toys That Swim and Float, Author: Alice Thompson Gilbreath
Title: Solar System, Author: Isaac Asimov
Title: Frederick Douglass, Author: Mildred Barger Herschler
Title: Guleesh: A Picture Story from Ireland, Author: William Stobbs
Title: The Witch Who Went for a Walk, Author: Margaret Hillert
Title: Dolls, Dolls, Dolls, Author: Shirley Glubok
Title: One Is the Engine: A Counting Book, Author: Esther K. Meeks
Title: What Am I?, Author: Margaret Hillert
Title: Where Is Here?, Author: Phylliss Adams

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