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Title: The Effective Change Manager: The Change Management Body of Knowledge, Author: The Change Management Institute
Title: A Country Far Away, Author: Nigel Gray
Title: The Personal Training Business Bible: How to Build a 6 THEN 7 Figure Fitness Business, Author: Jason Grossman
Title: Long Road to Boston: An Autobiography of No One You'd Know, Author: Ross Burns
Title: Advice for a Young Surgeon, Author: John C. Hall
Title: Trends In Project Management, Author: Quay Consulting
Title: The Ultimate Pub Trivia Quiz Night Book, Author: Tom Trifonoff
Title: Beyond Belief: The Ultimate Mind Power Instructional Manual, Author: James F. Coyle
Title: The Old Man, Author: Daniel Jeudy
Title: 100 Things That Piss Me Off: ... or is it just ME?, Author: Ross Burns
Title: Finder, Keeper, Author: Peter Hill
Title: Remaining Relevant - The future of the accounting profession, Author: Rob Nixon
Title: Sons of Brutality, Author: Daniel Jeudy
Title: An Intelligent Guide to Real Estate Development: What every developer and investor should know about real estate development, Author: Ron Forlee
Title: Writers Talking: Brian Aldiss, Paul Bailey, John Berger, Malcolm Bradbury, Dick Davis, John Fowles, Barry Hines, Donall Mac, Amhlaigh, Roger McGough, Peter Vansittart, Author: Nigel Gray
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Title: Without My Mum: A daughter's guide to grief, loss and reclaiming life, Author: Leigh Van Der Horst
Title: The Entrepreneurial Clinician: Changing healthcare from the inside out, Author: Jo Muirhead
Title: Spirit Whispers, Author: Charmaine Wilson
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Title: Tea with sisman tuccar: Volume 2, Author: Wide Ocean
Title: Heartland - On the Side of Angels, Author: Terri Sedmak

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