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Title: Human-Robot Interaction: A Survey, Author: Michael A Goodrich
Title: Computational Support for Sketching in Design, Author: Gabe Johnson
Title: Web History Tools And Revisitation Support, Author: Matthias Mayer
Title: Universal Usability: Past, Present, and Future, Author: Gabriele Meiselwitz
Title: Human-Computer Interaction And Global Development, Author: Kentaro Toyama
Title: Collaborative Filtering Recommender Systems, Author: Michael D. Ekstrand
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Title: Designing And Evaluating Mobile Interaction, Author: Marco De S
Title: Methods and Techniques for Involving Children in the Design of New Technology for Children, Author: Jerry Alan Fails
Title: Supporting and Exploiting Spatial Memory in User Interfaces, Author: Joey Scarr
Title: Designing for Healthy Lifestyles: Design Considerations for Mobile Technologies to Encourage Consumer Health and Wellness, Author: Sunny Consolvo
Title: Information Technology for Active Ageing: A Review of Theory and Practice, Author: Cristhian Parra
Title: User Interface Design for Low-literate and Novice Users: Past, Present and Future, Author: Indrani Medhi Thies
Title: A Survey of Augmented Reality, Author: Mark Billinghurst
Title: Crowdsourcing Accessibility: Human-Powered Access Technologies, Author: Erin Brady
Title: Computationally Enhanced Toolkits for Children: Historical Review and a Framework for Future Design, Author: Paulo Blikstein
Title: Human-Computer Interaction and International Public Policymaking: A Framework for Understanding and Taking Future Actions, Author: Jonathan Lazar
Title: The Psychophysiology Primer: A Guide to Methods and a Broad Review with a Focus on Human-Computer Interaction, Author: Benjamin Cowley
Title: Exertion Games, Author: Florian Mueller
Title: Canine-Centered Computing, Author: Larry Freil
Title: Personal Fabrication, Author: Patrick Baudisch

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