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Title: Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari: Intersecting Lives, Author: Francois Dosse
Title: A história à prova do tempo - 2ª edição: Da história em migalhas ao resgate do sentido, Author: François Dosse
Title: Le philosophe et le président, Author: François Dosse
Title: New History In France: The Triumph Of The *Annales*, Author: Francois Dosse
Title: History of Structuralism: The Rising Sign, 1945-1966, Author: Francois Dosse
Title: New History in France: The Triumph of the Annales, Author: Francois Dosse
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Title: Gilles Deleuze y Felix Guattari. Biografia cruzada, Author: Francois Dosse
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Title: Les courants historiques en France: 19e-20e siècle, Author: François Dosse
Title: L'empire du sens, Author: François DOSSE
Title: La marche des idées, Author: François DOSSE
Title: History of Structuralism: Volume 2: The Sign Sets, 1967--Present, Author: Francois Dosse
Title: Empire of Meaning: The Humanization of the Social Sciences, Author: Francois Dosse
Title: L'histoire, Author: François Dosse
Title: The History of Structuralism: The Sign Sets, 1967-Present, Author: Francois Dosse
Title: Les hommes de l'ombre, Author: François DOSSE
Title: Historia Del Estructuralismo I, Author: Francois Dosse
Title: Gilles Deleuze, Félix Guattari, Author: François DOSSE
Title: Castoriadis, une vie, Author: François DOSSE