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Title: The Pianist
Title: The Return of the Musketeers
Title: Inspector Clouseau
Title: Lifeforce
Title: Shaft / Shaft's Big Score! / Shaft in Africa
Title: The Deadly Bees
Title: Othello
Title: Satan's Wife
Title: Neither the Sea nor the Sand
Title: The Key
Title: Shaft in Africa
Title: The Death of Adolf Hitler
Title: Gumshoe
Title: Maggie Smith at the BBC
Title: Religion and Identity in Germany Today: Doubters, Believers, Seekers in Literature and Film, Author: Julian Preece
Title: Tinto Brass Collection
Title: On the Rationality of Poetry: Heinrich Boll's Aesthetic Thinking, Author: Frank  Finlay
Title: King of the Wind
Title: New German Literature: Life-Writing and Dialogue with the Arts, Author: Frank  Finlay