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Title: Bézier Circles and other shapes, Author: G. Adam Stanislav
Title: Herbicide Resistance - Brassinosteroids, Gibberellins, Plant Growth Regulators, Author: G. Adam
Title: Brain and Behaviour: Proceedings of the 28th International Congress of Physiological Sciences, Budapest, 1980, Author: G. Ádám
Title: Laser-Plasma Interactions, Author: Roger M. Balian
Title: Pittsburgh Moments, Author: Lynn Johnson
Title: Perception, Consciousness, Memory: Reflections of a Biologist, Author: G. Adam
Title: Annual Meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Biophysik: Konstanz, October 1979. Abstracts of Poster Presentations, Author: G. Adam
Title: Dragon's Hatred (the Gathering) Volume 2, Author: Davon G
Title: Biology of Memory: Proceedings of the Symposium held at the Biological Research Institute in Tihany 1 to 4 September, 1969, Author: G. Adam
Title: Precious Ratios, Author: G. Adam Stanislav