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Title: Microalbuminuria: Biochemistry, Epidemiology and Clinical Practice / Edition 1, Author: Peter H. Winocour
Title: Recent Trends in Management of Diabetes Mellitus: Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus, Ngoya, 13-15 Nov., 1985, Author: N. Sakamoto
Title: Solid-State Supramolecular Chemistry: Two- and Three-Dimensional Inorganic Networks: Volume 7, Author: G. Alberti
Title: Recent Advances in Clinical Biochemistry, No. 2, Author: K. G. Alberti
Title: Practical Nutritional Support, Author: S. J. Karran
Title: Entrepreneurial Growth in Industrial Districts: Four Italian Cases, Author: Fernando G. Alberti
Title: Liver and Biliary Disease, Author: Ralph Wright
Title: Liver and Biliary Diseases, Author: Ralph Wright
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Title: Diabetic Coma: Ketoacidotic and Hyperosmolar, Author: David S. Schade