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Title: Collaborative Strategies and Multi-Organizational Partnerships, Author: Tharsi Taillieu
Title: Exploring Quality Assurance for Interprofessional Education in Health and Social Care, Author: Andre Vyt
Title: Textbook of Translation: Theoretical & Practical Implications, Author: Said M. Shiyab
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Title: Macroeconomics & Beyond: Essays in Honour of Wim Meeusen, Author: Guido Erreygers
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Title: Mind and Muscle, Author: Elizabeth Langford
Title: Pioneer of Milieu Therapy: The Life & Work of Maxwell Jones, Author: Stijn Vandevelde
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Title: Patterns in Student Learning: Exploring a Person-Oriented & a Longitudinal Research-Perspective, Author: Gert Vanthournount
Title: Multi-Service Schools: Integrated Services for Children and Youth at Risk, Author: Guido Walraven
Title: That's What Friends Are For, Author: Jacqueline van Swet
Title: In Search of the Treasure within: Towards Schools as Learning Organisations, Author: Rudi Schollaert
Title: Children and Youth at Risk and Urban Education: Research, Policy and Practice, Author: Walraven
Title: Children and Media: Multidisciplinary Approaches, Author: Bea Van den Bergh
Title: Configurations of Culture: Essays in Honour of Michael Windross, Author: Michael Windross
Title: Arabesques: Selections of Biography and Poetry from Classical Arabic Literature, Author: Ibrahim Mumayiz
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Title: Preparing Teachers to Meet Special Educational Needs in Russia, Author: John Sayer
Title: Pedagogical Mismanagement and Orthopedagogy: Rearing, Treatment, Staff Coaching, Management, Author: J. E. Rink
Title: Manual on Gender Mainstreaming at Universities: Equal Opportunities at Universities: Towards a Gender Mainstreaming Approach, Author: Ilse Stevens
Title: Facing Arab Women: Exploring Motivational Marketing Research in the Arab World, Author: Rim Atassi Atassi Fakhouri
Title: Convention on the Rights of the Child: Background, Motivation, Strategies, Main Themes, Author: Eugeen Verhellen
Title: Several Perspectives on Children's Play: Scientific Reflections for Practioners, Author: Tom Jambor
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