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Title: Land of the Dead, Author: Brick Marlin
Title: Stalker: [A Robert Sable Mystery Book 3], Author: Sean E. Thomas
Title: Blood in the Bayou, Author: Serena Pettus
Title: Mary of Shadows, Author: Jeffrey Aaron Miller
Title: The Eon Staircase, Author: J. William Caswell
Title: Eve's Passion, Author: Elisabeth Rose
Title: Till Death Do Us Part, Author: Violet L. Ryan
Title: Caution: Electrical Hazard, Author: Allen Watts
Title: Dark Project, Author: Dean E. Thomas
Title: The Olympians, Author: Alda Yuan
Title: Alaska Dutchman, Author: Sean E. Thomas
Title: Talisman, Author: Holly Zitting
Title: Phantom Harvest, Author: C. R. Richards
Title: Burning Questions, Author: Barry S. Willdorf
Title: The Mangled Spoon, Author: Joan Mauch
Title: The Fires of Remorse, Author: Carl Miller
Title: Blood Rite, Author: Melanie Atkins
Title: To The Stars, Author: Suzanne M. Hurley
Title: Operation Willow Quest, Author: Karlene Blakemore-Mowle
Title: The Amulet, Author: Holly Zitting

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