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Title: Coup d'etat: The assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Author: Jerry Kroth
Title: Tao of Language: How to Handle Infinity by Playing the Wonderful Bead Games, Author: Valo Motalygo
Title: Ground Zero: Jerusalem, holy war, and collective insanity, Author: Jerry Kroth
Title: 政變:甘迺迪總統遇刺始末, Author: Jerome Kroth
Title: Flesh and Blood, Author: Jerry Kroth
Title: Extraterrestrial Contacts: the Roswell foil, UFOs, and how the alter our understanding of the modern world, Author: Jerry Kroth
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Title: The Lindbergh Kidnapping: mobs, mass psychology and myth, Author: Jerry Kroth
Title: The Survival Guide to Rats and Stats, Author: Jerry Kroth
Title: Psyche's Exile: an empirical odyssey in search of the soul, Author: jerry Kroth
Title: Implosion: delusion, denial, and the prospect of collapse, Author: Jerry Kroth