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Title: The Color of the Elephant, Author: Christine Herbert
Title: Exordium, Author: S.N. Jones
Title: Queen of All, Author: Anya Leigh Josephs
Title: Lycan's Blood Queen, Author: Catherine Edward
Title: Operation Mom: Updated 2022 Edition, Author: Reenita Hora Malhotra
Title: Buried Beneath, Author: Kelly Ann Hopkins
Title: Another Beast's Skin, Author: Jessika Grewe Glover
Title: A Braiding of Darkness: Another Beast's Skin #2, Author: Jessika Grewe Glover
Title: Cora and the Moon, Author: Casey Bowers
Title: Nurse Papa, Author: David Metzger
Title: Twist in the Wind, Author: Gabrielle McMaster
Title: Burning the Bacon, Author: L. Austen Johnson
Title: Not Always Blu Skyes, Author: Gabrielle McMaster
Title: My Silly Illy, Author: Campbell Dwyer
Title: Rise of Knight and Sword, Author: Miriam Wade
Title: Spectators of War, Author: Luke Swanson
Title: Lodestone, Author: Katherine Forrister
Title: The Space Between Two Deaths, Author: Jamie Yourdon
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Title: Casting Shadows, Author: Dziyana Taylor
Title: A Braiding of Darkness (Another Beast's Skin #2), Author: Jessika Grewe Glover

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