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Title: Angelic Symbols: Angelic Symbols of the Purest Spiritual Healing Energy and the Highest Light and Love to Completely Purify, Perfectly Enhance, and Totally Enlighten Your Life, Here and Now, Author: Georgios Mylonas
Title: Angelic Invocations: Angelic Energy Prayers & Empowering Invocations of Supreme Celestial Light and Love to Heal, Purify, and Uplift Your Life On Earth, Author: Georgios Mylonas
Title: The Golden Codes of Shamballa: Spiritual numbers to uplift humanity and multiply all the energies of love, light, and happiness, Author: Georgios Mylonas
Title: How to Cleanse the Energy of your Space: Fun, Simple, Easy, and Effective Ways to Cleanse, Purify, Heal, and Lighten Your Home, Your Work, and Any Space, Author: Georgios Mylonas