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Title: WHEN YOU ARE DYING: A Personal Exploration of Life, Suffering and Belief, ADDITIONAL CHAPTERS, Author: Philip Wetherell
Title: Love Across Latitudes: A Workbook on Cross-cultural Marriage, Author: Janet Fraser-Smith
Title: Releasing The Ministry Of All God's People: A holistic Spirit-led model, Author: CJ Hayes
Title: Born For You: Meditations for Advent and Christmas, Author: Kay Brown
Title: Day by Day: Healing Scriptures, Author: Lindsay Hassall
Title: Identity Crisis: Religious Registration in the Middle East, Author: Jonathan Andrews
Title: I Know Where I'm Going, Author: David Watson
Title: If Only I Knew: Walking Toward Christian Maturity, Author: Peter Clay
Title: Our Inheritance of Faith: A Commentary on the Thirty Nine Articles, Author: Martin Davie
Title: MS, Me & God, Author: Ginny Faith
Title: Studies On The Bible And Same-Sex Relationships Since 2003: Summary, Author: Martin Davie
Title: Be Filled With The Spirit, Author: David Watson
Title: Living Faith: Lessons from Abraham, Author: David Watson
Title: Me, God and Prozac: Tools for tough times, Author: Dorothy Jane Neilson
Title: Big Hearted, Author: Chris Duffett
Title: A Disreputable Priest: Being Gay in Anti-Gay Cultures, Author: Ian Corbett
Title: Holding our breath: One family's account of daily life in Zimbabwe, Author: Council For World Mission
Title: The Bad Samaritan, Author: Ed Hambleton
Title: Re:Union A Contemporary Journey In Christian Mysticism, Author: Anina Thomas
Title: Awesome Voices: God Working Through Ordained Women Today, Author: Lis Goddard

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