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Title: Behind the Masks: Gwen Harwood remembered by her friends, Author: Robyn Mathison
Title: If We Could Fly, Author: Karen Armstrong
Title: From the Desert to the Lakes: Four South Australian Aboriginal Memoirs, Author: Wendy Harris
Title: Lost in the Foreground, Author: Stephen Edgar
Title: Mallee Roots, Author: Bill Hampel
Title: Between Two Moons: haiku & senryu, Author: Judith E.P. Johnson
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Title: Indrawn Breath, Author: Gillian Telford
Title: In Focus, Author: Sue Cook
Title: Colouring In: The Four Seasons of Four Poets, Author: Amelia Fielden
Title: Aftertaste, Author: Jennifer Shapcott
Title: Pine Cones & Rhubarb & Little Hissy Kisses, Author: Jocelyn Munro
Title: The Diary of Delores D'Lump, Author: Claire Laishley
Title: The Love Procession, Author: Suzanne Edgar
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Title: Only Constants, Author: Sarah Agnew
Title: Pumpkin, Author: Caroline Anne Butt
Title: Long Odds: stories, Author: Jennifer Shapcott
Title: Spoken Medicine, Author: Gabrielle Journey Jones
Title: Rough Spun to Close Weave, Author: Liam Guilar
Title: Larks, Lanes and Memories, Author: Rosemary Winderlich
Title: The Choir of Gravediggers, Author: Mel Hall

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