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Title: Teacher-Parent-Student Workbook for Learning and Teaching Basic Phonics, Author: Melvine Groves
Title: Washing and Weeping, Author: Mae Basha
Title: 1953: Making a Marine Grunt Warrior, Author: David Ferman
Title: The Tale of Tumeleng, Author: Ms. Ryke Leigh Douglas
Title: Wine 101, Author: E. Terrence Woolf
Title: Broken Butterflies, Author: Debra Lowry
Title: Conflict, Passion, and Pain, Author: Thomas Edward Poe
Title: BLUE JUNGLE, Author: Nadolyn  H Robinson
Title: Career Planning for High-School Students: The Career Management Essentials (CME), Author: Adrian Gonzalez
Title: YOUTHOLOGY, Author: Sr. Tommy Banks
Title: ST. PAUL THE APOSTLE: The Right Man at the Right Time 3rd Edition, Author: IRVING L. BRITTLE JR.
Title: Just Be Love: Messages on the Spiritual and Human Journey, Author: David Schroeder LMSW CPC
Title: Trials and Tribulations of Life: Book One, Author: Al Wynn
Title: Journey to Nora, Author: Aron Fenical
Title: Finding the Way to Life's Purpose, Author: Gilbert Rudy Castillo
Title: Dashell and Caroline, Author: Elizabeth Chanter
Title: Singularity, Author: Jayme A Oliveira Filho
Title: PHZED, Author: Glenn D Glasgow
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Title: The Long Voyage to Peace, Author: Ernie Moulton
Title: The Heart Is Witness: Stories from the Life of a Colombian Woman, Author: Penny Villegas

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