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Title: The Bunny Book, Author: Richard Scarry
Title: Tiger's Bedtime, Author: Stephanie Calmenson
Title: Truck Book, Author: Gere
Title: Anastasia: Bartok Get a Life!, Author: Suben
Title: Little Mermaid - Super Shape Book, Author: Calmenson
Title: The Little Red Hen, Author: Calder
Title: Christmas Aliens, Author: Silbert
Title: Beauty and the Beast: Disney, Author: Balducci
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Title: Fish Book, Author: Angelfish
Title: Chick Book, Author: Muldrow
Title: Farm Book, Author: Jan Pfloog
Title: Michael Berenstain's Butterfly Book, Author: Michael Berenstain
Title: Elephant Book, Author: Nicholas
Title: Are We There Yet?, Author: Albee
Title: Heaven's Little Helpers, Author: Butcher
Title: The Fire Engine Book, Author: Battaglia
Title: Elmo Says, Don't Wake the Baby!, Author: Constance Allen
Title: Puppy Book, Author: Pfloog
Title: My Christmas Counting Book, Author: Hansen
Title: Chelli, Be Mine!, Author: Allen

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