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Title: Winning Meetings and Events for your Venue, Author: Rob Davidson
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Title: Foodies and Food Tourism, Author: Donald Getz
Title: Project Management, Author: Amos Haniff
Title: Tourism and Political Change 2nd edition, Author: Richard Butler
Title: Marketing Communications : An advertising, promotion and branding perspective, Author: Geraldine Bell
Title: Researching Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality For Your Dissertation, Author: Peter Mason
June 16th
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Title: Marketing Tourism, Events and Food: a customer based approach 2nd edition, Author: Dr Craig Hirst
Title: Music, Markets and Consumption, Author: Daragh O'Reilly
Title: Food and Drink, Author: Donald Sloan
Title: Contemporary Tourism Reviews : Volume 1, Author: Chris Cooper
Title: Green Growth and Travelism, Author: Geoffrey Lipman
Title: Contemporary Issues in Food Supply Chain Management, Author: Jane Eastham
Title: Strategic Managerial Accounting, Author: Tracey Jones
Title: Event Portfolio Management: Theory and Methods for Event Management and Tourism, Author: Vladimir Antchak PhD. Pre-Order Now
Title: The Busy Manager's Guide To Marketing, Author: Bill Donaldson
Paperback from $21.96 $24.00 Current price is $21.96, Original price is $24.00.
Title: Responsible Sales, Service and Marketing of Alcohol, Author: James Murphy
Title: Marketing Innovations for Sustainable Destinations, Author: Alan Fyall
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Title: Focus on World Festivals: Contemporary case studies & perspectives, Author: Chris Newbold
Title: Contemporary Cases in Sport, Author: Alan Fyall
Title: Talent Management in Hospitality and Tourism, Author: Susan Horner

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