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Title: The Art of Relationship Selling: How to Create Win-Win Outcomes That Generate Loyal, Long-Term Relationships and Maximise Profit, Author: Andrew Nisbet
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Title: From Source to Sold: Stories of Leadership in Supply Chain, Author: Radu Palamariu
Title: Becoming Antifragile: Learning to Thrive Through Disruption, Challenge and Change, Author: Dr Paige Williams
Title: Heal For Life: How to Heal Yourself from the Pain of Childhood Trauma, Author: Liz Mullinar
Title: Augment It: How Architecture, Engineering and Construction Leaders Leverage Data and Artificial Intelligence to Build a Sustainable Future, Author: Mehdi Nourbakhsh
Title: This Won't Be Pretty: First-Year Lessons for the Female Entrepreneur, Author: Cassandra D'Alessio
Title: The Health Hazard: Take Control, Restore Wellbeing and Optimise Impact, Author: Alison Coughlan
Title: Becoming a Leader of Leaders: How to Succeed in Bigger Jobs and Still Have a Life, Author: Ian Lees
Title: Shoot Like a Ninja: 4 Steps to Work Less, Earn More and Superpower Your Photography Business, Author: Chris Garbacz
Title: Phenomenal Teams: How Leaders Build High-Performance Teams That Last, Author: Garie Dooley
Title: Believe: How New Leaders Step Up and Into Their Full Potential, Author: Brenda James
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Being True: How to Be Yourself at Work
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Title: Purpose Driven Movement: A System for Functional Training, Author: Tarek Michael-Chouja
Title: Own It! Honouring and Amplifying Accountability, Author: Paige Williams
Title: Level Up: How Leaders Do Less and Be More, Author: Maree Burgess
Title: Responsive Agile Coaching: How to Accelerate Your Coaching Outcomes with Meaningful Conversations, Author: Niall McShane
Title: Bunkie Life, Extra Space: Create a Beautiful Space for More Time and Connection with Your Family, Author: David Cavan Fraser
Title: Moving Through Walls: The Four Foundations to Living Your Best Life, Author: Israel Ellis
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Title: It Takes Five to Tango: From Competition to Cooperation in Health Care, Author: Verena Voelter
Title: Entrepreneur to Author: 5 Steps to Writing and Publishing a Nonfiction Book That Builds Authority and Grows Your Business, Author: Scott A. MacMillan

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