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Title: Ninjas: Japan's Stealthy Secret Agents, Author: Matt Chandler
Title: Vikings: Scandinavia's Ferocious Sea Raiders, Author: Nel Yomtov
Title: Young Riders of the Pony Express, Author: Jessica Gunderson
Title: The Battle of the Little Bighorn, Author: Gary Jeffrey
Title: The Boston Tea Party, Author: Rod Espinosa
Hardcover $28.80 $29.93 Current price is $28.80, Original price is $29.93.
Title: The First Moon Landing, Author: Thomas K. Adamson
Title: The Explorations of Lewis and Clark, Author: Gary Jeffrey
Title: Betsy Ross and the American Flag, Author: Kay Melchisedech Olson
Title: Malcolm X and the Fight for African American Unity, Author: Gary Jeffrey
Title: The Gold Rush, Author: Gary Jeffrey
Title: Miracle on Ice, Author: Joe Dunn
Title: The Mystery of the Roanoke Colony, Author: Xavier W. Niz
Paperback $7.74 $8.10 Current price is $7.74, Original price is $8.10.
Title: John Sutter y la fiebre del oro en California, Author: Matt Doeden
Hardcover $27.59 $30.65 Current price is $27.59, Original price is $30.65.
Title: Reaching the North Pole, Author: Joeming Dunn
Title: Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Author: Connie Rose Miller
Title: The Voyage of the Mayflower, Author: Allison Lassieur
Title: The Boston Massacre, Author: Michael Burgan
Title: The Bloodiest Day!: Battle of Antietam, Author: Larry Hama
Title: Gamble for Victory: Battle of Gettysburg, Author: Dan Abnett
Title: John Brown's Raid on Harper's Ferry, Author: Jason Glaser

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