Title: The New Gray's Wild Game Cookbook, Author: Rebecca Gray
Title: The Middle World, Author: Gregg Ostrin
Title: National Security Dad, Author: Antony Davies
Title: The Bastard, Author: Juan Rodriguez-Briso
Title: The New Gray's Fish Cookbook, Author: Rebecca Gray
Title: Hiding Billy, Author: Scott Mullen
Title: Crime Beat, Author: Marty Weiss
Title: Far Alaska, Author: Mason Smith
Title: Aisle Seat Books Sampler: Volume One, Author: Ed Gray
Title: Lifeboat, 2028, Author: Rick Cramer
Title: Paddle Beads, Author: O. Ross McIntyre
Title: The Sleep of Reason, Author: Lee A. Matthias
Title: The Coven, Author: Lyle Weldon
Title: The @#$%^&! Kapinskis, Author: Shelli Wright
Title: The Old Amulet, Author: Ed Gray
Title: Straw Man, Author: Brent Carpenter
Title: Gray's Venison Cookbook, Author: Rebecca Gray
Title: The Ballad of Ethan Burns, Author: James D. Balestrieri
Title: I'm With the Band?, Author: Lawna Hurl
Title: Dancaster's Pardon, Author: Ed Gray

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