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Title: In the Wilderness with the Red Indians: German Missionary to the Michigan Indians, 1847-1853, Author: E R Baierlein
Title: The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan: People, Law, and Politics, Author: David G. Chardavoyne
Title: Freshwater Fury: Yarns and Reminiscences of the Greatest Storm in Inland Navigation, Author: Frank Barcus
Title: To Keep the South Manitou Light, Author: Anna Egan Smucker
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Title: The Sandstone Architecture of the Lake Superior Region, Author: Kathryn Bishop Eckert
Title: The Late, Great Lakes: An Environmental History, Author: William Ashworth
Title: When You Come Home: A Wartime Courtship in Letters, 1941-45, Author: Marianne Quirk
Title: Great Girls in Michigan History, Author: Patricia Majher
Title: Talking Shops: Detroit Commercial Folk Art, Author: David Clements
Title: Beyond the Model T: The Other Ventures of Henry Ford, Author: Ford R Bryan
Title: Mail by the Pail, Author: Colin Bergel
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Title: For the Good of the Children: A History of the Boys and Girls Republic, Author: Gay Pitman Zieger
Title: Luke Karamazov, Author: Conrad Hilberry
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Title: The Diary of Bishop Frederic Baraga: First Bishop of Marquette, Michigan, Author: Joseph Gregorich
Title: The Colored Car, Author: Jean Alicia Elster
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Title: The Fall and Recapture of Detroit in the War of 1812: In Defense of William Hull, Author: Anthony J. Yanik
Title: Under the Influence of Water: Poems, Essays, and Stories, Author: Michael Delp
Title: The Legacy of Albert Kahn, Author: W Hawkins Ferry
Title: New Poems from the Third Coast: Contemporary Michigan Poetry, Author: Michael Delp
Title: Pulling Down the Barn: Memories of a Rural Childhood, Author: Anne-Marie Oomen

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