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Title: Workers of the World and Oppressed Peoples, Unite!: Proceedings and Documents of the Second Congress of the Communist International 1920, Author: John (editor) Riddell
Title: Founding the Communist International: Proceedings and Documents of the First Congress, March 1919, Author: John (editor) Riddell
Title: New International no. 2: The Working Class Fight for Peace, Author: Brian Grogan
Title: To See the Dawn: Baku, 1920 -- First Congress of the Peoples of the East / Edition 1, Author: John Riddell
Title: Lenin: Speech to the Petrograd Soviet by Gregory Zinoviev Celebrating Lenin's Recovery from Wounds Received in the Attempt Made on His Life on August 30 1918, Author: Gregory Zinoviev
Title: Nouvelle Internationale No 1: Le Gouvernement des Travailleurs et des Agriculteurs, Author: Mary-Alice Waters