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Title: Avant le big bang, Author: Igor Bogdanov
Title: Dieu et la Science, Author: Jean Guitton
Title: La mémoire double, Author: Grichka BOGDANOV
Title: Das Gesicht Gottes: Was war vor dem Big Bang? - - Vorwort von Robert W. Wilson, Nobelpreisträger der Physik, Author: Igor & Grichka Bogdanov
Title: Le Visage de Dieu, Author: Igor Bogdanov
Title: Science minute: Le tour de la science en 80 minutes, Author: Grichka Bogdanov
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Title: La pensée de Dieu, Author: Grichka Bogdanov
Title: Avant le Big Bang: La Creation Du Monde, Author: Igor Bogdanov
Title: Le Code secret de l'Univers, Author: Igor Bogdanov
Title: La fin du hasard, Author: Grichka Bogdanov