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Title: Studies On Darwinism & Genetics, Author: Giovanni Lo Presti
Title: Extracts From: History Crumbs & History Crumbs II, Author: Lelio Finocchiaro
Title: Extracts From: Two Lives In A Chat, Author: Simona Rea
Title: Extracts From: Two Lives Over The Chat, Author: Simona Rea
Title: Extracts From
Title: Extracts From: Moralba The White Mulberry Diet, Author: giuliano da villa
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Title: Extracts from literary works: - Did Jesus of Nazareth exist? - Your father and I have been serching for you - Witnesses? Peter and Paul in Rome - In time of trial - For the faith, for the brothers - Dossier Stepinac, Author: Pier Luigi Guiducci
Title: A Happy And Eternal Life Thanks To A Good Governance, Author: Anonimo
Title: Reverie, Author: Paola Amadei
Title: Oss di seppia, Author: Cristian Orlandi
Title: All'ombra della sirena: Nascita, decadenza, trasformazione di una cittadina industriale, Author: Alessandra Papitto
Title: I Fiori di Vinval, Author: ???????Vincenza Broccoli
Title: Memorie sbiadite, Author: Puglisi Giusy
Title: Io Voglio... Essere!, Author: Alfonso Crivello
Title: Come marmellata, Author: ???????Sebiana Scuderi
Title: Le alti della prigione, Author: Lucia Ventrone
Title: Chiara, le zie e due piccoli eroi, Author: C. De Mores Elisa
Title: Delirio di onnipotenza, Author: Francesco Pergola
Title: America lontana, Author: Cecilia Valdés Sagué
Title: Il viale dei cancelli, Author: ???????Enrica Mormile

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