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Title: Katie the Heavenly Hound, Author: Emma M. Glover
Title: Dragon Amy's Flames, Author: Michelle Nott
Title: Colton and Chloe: A Trilingual Story- English Spanish French, Author: Nicole Weaver
Title: What Is That Thing?, Author: Kevin Mcnamee
Title: My Sister Is My Best Friend, Author: Nicole Weaver
Title: Free as a Butterfly, Author: Jan Fenimore
Title: Journey's Promise, Author: Dixie Phillips
Title: Born In My Heart, Author: Dixie Phillips
Title: Something to Crow About: A Children's Easter Musical, Author: Dixie Phillips
Title: Powder Monkey, Author: Donna M. McDine
Title: Just The Thing To Be, Author: Tracey M. Cox
Title: Survival Secrets of Turkey Vultures, Author: Debra Toor
Title: Cloud Jumpers, Author: Tracy Ahrens
Title: Lonnie the Lawnmower, Author: Dixie Phillips
Title: Bear and the 3 Goldilocks, Author: Kevin McNamee
Title: If I Could Be Anything, Author: Kevin Mcnamee
Title: The Soggy Town of Hilltop, Author: Kevin McNamee
Title: The Cat Came Back, Author: Dixie Phillips
Title: Frederico, the Mouse Violinist, Author: Mayra Calvani
Title: What Comes Out of a Silly Whale's Spout, Author: Kia Kelly Ozmore

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