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Title: North Carolina Illustrated, 1524-1984, Author: H. G. Jones
Title: Local Government Records: An Introduction to Their Management, Preservation, and Use, Author: H. G. Jones
Title: Miss Mary's Money: Fortune and Misfortune in a North Carolina Plantation Family, 1760-1924, Author: H.G. Jones
Title: Second Abstract of British Historical Statistics, Author: B. R. Mitchell
Title: Snow Ecology: An Interdisciplinary Examination of Snow-Covered Ecosystems, Author: H. G. Jones
Title: The Sonarman's War: A Memoir of Submarine Chasing and Mine Sweeping in World War II, Author: H.G. Jones
Title: Seasonal Snowcovers: Physics, Chemistry, Hydrology, Author: H.G. Jones
Title: Scoundrels, Rogues and Heroes of the Old North State (Revised, Updated), Author: H G Jones
Title: For History's Sake: The Preservation and Publication of North Carolina History, 1663-1903, Author: H. G. Jones