Title: Reza Shah, Author: Sadegh Zibakalam
Title: Old Tehran: A Memoir: Nadereh Doran, Author: Abbas Manzarpour
Title: Nights' Notes: Yaad-dasht-haye Shabaneh, Author: Ebrahim Harandi
Title: Permission to leave: Ejazeh Khorooj, Author: Javad Atefeh
Title: Mirror of Imagination, Mirror of History: Ayeneh Khial, Ayeneh Tarikh, Author: M. Ofogh
Title: The Downfall: Soghoot, Author: Kayvan Hosseini
Title: In the Hanging Field of Immaturity and Illusion: Dar Avizgah-e Khami Va Pendar, Author: Ashkan Avishan
Title: Mawiyah Even Absence: Mawiyah Hatta Al-Gheeyab, Author: Mansur Rajih
Title: Mahboube, Author: Mansour Koushan
Title: Postcard: Cart Postal, Author: Ruhangiz Sharifian
Title: Registan, Author: Shahzoda Samarqandi
Title: The Ship of Fools: Keshti Ahmagh-ha, Author: Fereydoon Najafi
Title: Hunting: Shekar, Author: Amin Ansari
Title: If You Do Not Come To Me, Come To Yourself!: Agar Be Man Nemiaei, Be Khodat Bia!, Author: Nadia Mirsonbol
Title: Tarh No.1, Author: Kourosh Beigpour
Title: Purity of the First Day: Kholoos-e Rooz-e Nakhost, Author: Tahereh Barei
Title: Nullsiebenelf: 0711, Author: Sarah Kiyanrad
Title: In The Garden of Exile: Dar Bagh-e Tabeed, Author: Nilofar Shidmehr
Title: Nurturing the Seed of Hope: A Green Strategy for Liberation: Statements of Mir Hossein Mousavi, Author: Mir Hossein Mousavi
Title: There is no cross which could silence my mouth: Dahanam Ba Hich Salibi Be Sokoot Nemiresad, Author: Masoud Bizargiti

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