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Title: The Story of Young David, Author: Prester John
Title: After School, Author: Shaun Levine
Title: Mya the Soldier's Daughter, Author: Cathy-Ann Alexander
Title: Bradley Made the Honor Roll, Author: Shaun Levine
Title: The Class Store, Author: Felecia George Prince
Title: BJ's Big Dream, Author: Sonia Cunningham Leverette
Title: Apostles of Her Culture, Author: Christopher Davis
Title: Professional Walk: An Educator's Perspective, Author: Rechel M Anderson
Title: Turning Trash into Treasure, Author: Katrina Johnson
Title: The Hanging Tree Has No Leaves, Author: Pamila Miller Ndanyi
Title: First Things First Putting Students Before Standards: A Practical Guide for Building Positive and Engaged Learning Communities: Putting Students Before Standards, Author: Tawio Barksdale
Title: What Is That Stinky, Winky, Eeeww Smell?, Author: Sonia Cunningham Leverette
Title: Searching for Daddy in the Dark, Author: Liquinita L. Callaham
Title: Leading God's People, Author: Rudolph Burdett
Title: Ulysses Cunningham, A Friend to Man: The Story of a Soldier and a Steward, Author: Sonia Cunningham Leverette
Title: Grief That Grips The Heart, Author: Yashica Allen Lee
Title: Man's Worst Enemy: From A Nightmare of PAIN to a Life of PURPOSE, Author: Reggie Stoddard
Title: Pray Without Ceasing: Living a Life of Prayer, Author: Cora Fruster