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Title: Fortune's Bones: The Manumission Requiem, Author: Marilyn Nelson
Title: My Daddy, Author: Susan Paradis
Title: Summer of the Skunks, Author: Wilmoth Foreman
Title: Bee and Jacky, Author: Carolyn Coman
Title: Worry Bear, Author: Charlotte Dematons
Title: Tusk and Stone, Author: Malcolm Bosse
Title: There's a Hole in My Bucket, Author: Dieter Schubert
Title: The Facts Speak for Themselves, Author: Brock Cole
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Title: Letters from Vinnie, Author: Maureen Stack Sappey
Title: Door in the Lake, Author: Nancy Butts
Title: Soul Moon Soup, Author: Lindsay Lee Johnson
Title: On the Stairs, Author: Julie Hofstrand Larios
Title: Many Stones, Author: Carolyn Coman
Title: Stray Voltage, Author: Eugenie Doyle
Title: The Owlstone Crown, Author: X.J. Kennedy
Title: My Elephant Can Do Almost Anything, Author: Anke De Vries
Title: Little Chicago, Author: Adam Rapp
Title: Lily and Trooper's Winter, Author: Jung-Hee Spetter
Title: Ping-Li's Kite, Author: Sanne Te Loo
Title: Fruits, Author: Sara Anderson

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