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Title: Phoenix Files #2: Contact, Author: Chris Morphew
Title: Phoenix Files #3: Mutation, Author: Chris Morphew
Title: Phoenix Files #4: Underground, Author: Chris Morphew
Title: Karate Kicks, Author: Chrissie Perry
Title: Blood in the Ashes, Author: Chris Morphew
Title: Man in the Shadows, Author: Chris Morphew
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Title: Choose Your Own Ever After: How to Get to Rio: How to Get to Rio, Author: Julie Fison
Title: Hey Jack!: The Scary Solo, Author: Sally Rippin
Title: Phoenix Files #1: Arrival, Author: Chris Morphew
Title: Tomb of Doom, Author: H. I. Larry
Title: Zac Power Special Files #6: The City Files, Author: H. I. Larry
Title: A Very Good Idea, Author: M.C. Badger
Title: An Excellent Invention, Author: M.C. Badger
Title: Blame it on the Boo-gie, Author: M.C. Badger
Title: The Perfect Pet, Author: M.C. Badger
Title: Smitten: Head Over High Heels, Author: Kate Forster
Title: Hey Jack!:The Robot Blues, Author: Sally Rippin
Title: Smitten: Piece of Cake, Author: Kate Forster
Title: Unlucky Break, Author: Kate Forster
Title: Twice Upon a Time, Author: Kate Forster

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