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Title: At Any Cost: Driven/Lady's Choice, Author: Mandy Hubbard
Title: Miles Apart (NASCAR Series), Author: Ken Casper
Title: Turn Two, Author: Nancy Warren
Title: Tailspin (Harlequin NASCAR Series), Author: Michele Dunaway
Title: Risky Moves, Author: Gina Wilkins
Title: Truth and Consequences (Harlequin NASCAR Series), Author: Bethany Campbell
Title: No Holding Back [Harlequin NASCAR Series], Author: Wendy Etherington
Title: Within Striking Distance, Author: Ingrid Weaver
Title: Running Wide Open (Harlequin NASCAR Series), Author: Ken Casper
Title: Victory Lane, Author: Marisa Carroll
Title: This Time, Forever: Over the Top\Talk to Me, Author: Pamela Britton
Title: Hard to Resist: Downright Distracting\Shifting Gears, Author: Jean Brashear
Title: Banking on Hope, Author: Maggie Price
Title: Old Flame, New Sparks, Author: Day Leclaire
Title: One in a Million: No Ordinary Man\Daisy Chain, Author: Abby Gaines
Title: A NASCAR Holiday, Author: Kimberly Raye
Title: Scandals and Secrets, Author: Ken Casper
Title: Right Before His Eyes: At Last\End of the Line, Author: Wendy Etherington
Title: Back on Track, Author: Abby Gaines
Title: The Memory of a Kiss: Long Gone/Chasing the Dream, Author: Wendy Etherington

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