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Title: On the Edge (Harlequin NASCAR Series), Author: Pamela Britton
Title: Speed Bumps, Author: Ken Casper
Title: Fully Engaged, Author: Abby Gaines
Title: Hearts Under Caution, Author: Gina Wilkins
Title: Legends and Lies, Author: Katherine Garbera
Title: Season of Dreams, Author: Gina Wilkins
Title: Out of Line, Author: Michele Dunaway
Title: Peak Performance, Author: Helen Brenna
Title: Thunderstruck, Author: Roxanne St. Claire
Title: No Holding Back [Harlequin NASCAR Series], Author: Wendy Etherington
Title: Miles Apart (NASCAR Series), Author: Ken Casper
Title: In the Groove, Author: Pamela Britton
Title: Full Throttle, Author: Wendy Etherington
Title: Overheated (Harlequin NASCAR Series), Author: Barbara Dunlop
Title: In High Gear, Author: Gina Wilkins
Title: Danger Zone, Author: Debra Webb
Title: At Any Cost: Driven/Lady's Choice, Author: Mandy Hubbard
Title: Hard to Resist: Downright Distracting\Shifting Gears, Author: Jean Brashear
Title: Dangerous Curves, Author: Pamela Britton
Title: Tailspin (Harlequin NASCAR Series), Author: Michele Dunaway

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